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Freedom to Attract

Flowing Beauty

The Stylish BT Headphones adopt a new streamlined design concept that's both sleek and smooth throughout it's body featuring loving
detailed curves and free from any rigid shapes or angles. All inspired by the fluctuation nature of flowing water.
This new design concept brings with it the performance of the earbuds quality sensation, while the neckband feels soft
and very comfortable to wear with the earbuds fitting the human ear perfectly as they should.

Excellent Temperament

The sound chamber is made of ABS material, and the vacuum plating process makes the cavity shine.
This brings with it a soft but comfortable feeling in the ear thanks in part to the high-quality
silicone ear-tipsthat are skin-friendly, and fits tightly enough to
effectively reduce sound leakage.

Feel the Rhythm from the Ears to the Heart
A Graphene + Titanium Dual Dynamic Driver

The Coaxial dual-dynamic layout of the acoustic design ensures balance between the small diameter chamber resulting in premium sound quality.
This 'back-to-back' antistrophic coil layout can offset the magnetic interference and keep the sensitivity high. It also ensures the consistency of the sound wave propagation from the different diaphragms to culminate an outstanding sound performance.

Precise Acoustic Design
Comparison between Others

Coffee Done, Music Ready

Our headphones feature a 3C battery that charges 3x faster than standard batteries.
Just 10 minutes of charging will give you 3 hours of blissful music listening time.
Perfect for those people on-the-go sitting down with their favorite drink
at the coffee house. Drink done. Let's go.

Listening from the Morning Until Sunset

With a 125mAh lithium battery, fully charged with 6 hours of usage at a time.
It's not afraid to listen from the morning to the sunset!

Freedom that Has No Limitations

Thanks to the inclusion of Bluetooth V4.2,
you can fully enjoy the wearing experience.
Featuring a stable connection distance of 10 meters,
this allows a great home music listening
experience no matter where you are in the
house whether that be on the sofa,
the Study or the Living Room.