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Flow Like a River
Stylish, from Instant to Eternity

Raindrops falling down the window, wind rippling across the lake, the underflows & tides contained by a calm ocean… These are different impressions of what water can be, both tender & strong, free and undefinable. Similar to that of sounds which can be heard, felt, but invisible and sympathetic. Inspired by one of natures most tranquil settings, the following water is similar to the 1MORE Stylish Dual Dynamic In-Ear Headphones that combine a smooth outline with an original soundscape. It reminds us of those beautiful moments in life, staying pure and special. You can be stylish in your own way. Be unique like flowing water can be.

4 Stylish Color Combinations


City of Roses

“My loves leap through the future's fence
To dance with dream-enfranchised feet.
In me the cave-man clasps the seer,
And garlanded Apollo goes
Chanting to Abraham's deaf ear.
In me the tiger sniffs the rose.”

Inspired by the poem of Siefried Sasson "In me, past,
future meet", we re-defined a new style of rose pink.
To distinguish the common representations of pink
in our impressions, the Stylish Rose Pink has been
filtered with brightness and frivolity,
desaturated to a mild tune,
resulting in a soft and peacefully charming aesthetic.


Salute to Glamour

Time remains on the wings no more
While edges grows into corselets
Things that you have been through
Cannot win over the tenderness from your look

As a symbol of a king, the colour gold typically
stands for solemn and luxury. With this classical image,
gold reaches different perceptions in many peoples minds.
Our version of the Stylish Platinum Gold has abandoned
the heavy weight of the traditional ones,
with airy light tunes throughout that bring a
brand new grace and glamour to what Gold can be.


Meet the Elf

Elf in you

Undine, the aquatic elf of the ancient European myth,
singing beneath the waters, is incarnated by
both beauty and wisdom. Our Stylish Spearmint
Green — generated from the colour mint — is like a melting
lake within a fairyland. The new true colour of
green presents both a new innocence
and energy to our Stylish headphones.


Eyes of Midnight

Midnight sees the truth
As it deposits the sobriety
To suspect all the conventions
To believe in all the distinctiveness's

“If you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes
also into you” Said Friedrich Nietzsche.
Black is usually related to philosophy, to be insightful
and self-perceived. Black is a trend that never ever fades.
The Stylish Midnight Black — a blend of deep purples — breaks
through the silence of the abyss that black can accomplice,
making the colour itself more extensive and secrecy.

Feel the Rhythm from the Ears to the Heart
A Graphene + Titanium Dual Dynamic Driver

The Coaxial dual-dynamic layout of the acoustic design ensures balance between the small diameter chamber resulting in premium sound quality. This 'back-to-back' antistrophic coil layout can offset the magnetic interference and keep the sensitivity high. It also ensures the consistency of the sound wave propagation from the different diaphragms to culminate an outstanding sound performance.

Precise Acoustic Design
Comparison between Others

Light Weight and Comfortable
Streamlined Ergonomic Earbuds

A streamlined, rounded earbud with lightweight materials ensures
the most comfortable wearing experience.
The ergonomically designed 45° oblique angle creates
a perfect fit within the ear canal that also aids noise isolation.
We provide 3 sets of silicone ear tips in
various sizes that are skin-like & soft that the wearer
can use for many hours without ear fatigue.

Crystal Clear Communication
Smart Controller with MEMS Microphone

The neat in-line controller is placed conveniently below the jawline allowing for easier music playback and phone calls at the touch of a button. The MEMS microphone is subtly small but is very capable to create a stable transmission resulting in non-stop communication that's just as clear
as face-to-face talking.